Uploading images, PDF files, videos and other objects

CMS ICON The following information can be used with Page Management system as well as with your Product descriptions.

Please read the previous section carefully so that you are familiar with the operation of the page management system.

Photos, images and logos

Upload Click on the upload icoon for inserting an image.

Resize your images before uploading them! Small images load much faster. Uploading a big image and resizing it afterwards in the editor is not a good solution, because the entire image must be loaded when the website is loaded. This makes a website considerably slower.

You can resize images with this free software:

Insert a banner or button

Optionally, you can open a new browser window to open the hyperlink.

Insert your email address with hyperlink

E-mail You can add e-mail or text where visitors can click on, so they end up immediately in their email client filled with the e-mail address.

It is not advisable to use this way to publish an email address. Preferably use the contact page, it has a built-in contact form with spam protection. An email address on a website will receive a lot of spam mail after some time.

Upload a PDF file or catalog

PDF Logo Upload Click the upload icon to insert a PDF file or office.

It is not allowed to upload illegal software or infected files. When abuse is established, your shop will be immediately deactivated.

Plugin or add a Facebook "Like Button "

Social network

Insert an MP3 file

Audio Whith your products on your website, you can play MP3 or insert OGG files. It is not allowed add to illegal files, infected files or files that are copyright protected to upload.

Insert a video or movie

Video The easiest way is to upload YouTube or Vimeo.

Insert a print button


Insert a map with self-chosen POI

World You can insert a personal card with placemarks.

A roadmap is automatically inserted on your info page when the Company or personal information displayed on the website is active at Webshop settings. You do not need to follow if the roadmap is sufficient for you the steps below.

Insert a webform

XML-HTML On the contact page you already a webform with spam protection. Contact Recordings with this form will be sent to your email address.

For additional web forms you can use this site:

Insert a forum

Forum EasyWebshop.com is shopping cart software . By default there is no forum there. You must create the forum so externally. You can then create a hyperlink to the forum or forum integrate using an iframe.

For a free forum:

Insert a blog and RSS feed

Blog EasyWebshop.com is not a blog software, but there may web pages are well made. The simplest method is post your messages on your homepage or on a new page .

If you want a separate blog with RSS feed, you can create it with the best WordPress .

Insert a chatbox or shoutbox

Chat or shout You can insert an external chat or shoutbox. Paste the HTML code for these objects to the desired page by page management. These websites offer a chat and shoutbox to:

Insert a photo gallery

Photo gallery There is no default gallery in our shopping cart software available.

Insert an additional hit counter

Analytics EasyWebshop.com has Easy Analytics program that you can find at Dashboard > Visitor Analysis .

You can also install an additional hit counter.

Insert background

Audio We expressly do not recommend to use background music. You should know that background that will be a big part of your visitors. Starts automatically, not appreciated It is even one of the " Bad design practices" for designing a website.

For this reason it is not included in our software. However, it is possible and quite easy. Search for " music website " in your favorite search engine for a tutorial.

Insert a live webcam

Webcam EasyWebshop.com has no built-in webcam module. You need external software and webhosting for this. Live streaming is not so simple, you do this best appeal to a specialist.

Insert a HTML code

XML - HTML You can always insert HTML code in page management. Click the Edit HTML icon or edit Insert> HTML. Paste the code into the desired location.


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