Update Februari 2020

I just received a email from the developper of this webstore that this free version that i am using is going to end.

as per march 2020 this store will be automatically deleted.


Update Januari 2020

I have decided to quit with the decal store, i am in negotiations with my friend who wants to take over.

However, i do have some stock left that is available.

I have hide the products i dont have in stock and have updated the quantities available for the products that are in stock.

Feel free to order any of the available orders and they will be processed asap.

Thank you for your visit.


Welcome to Arcade Decals.

I am only doing this to help out the Arcade collecting community, this is not, i repeat not a business.

The prices you see are based on the costs i make to have these printed and cutted.

I am not printing these myself, i have them printed by a professional printshop.

Shipping costs.

i cannot determine the shipping costs untill i packed the enveloppe because its depending on weight.

I pack them in enveloppes with cardboard to prevent bending/folding/damage.

They go with the normal post, so the rates are lower than parcels.

for exact details you can checkout this page from the dutch postal service:


(section "Letters and cards to international destinations")

Rates are stated in Euros, so depending on the change rate at the time of shipping, this can vary a bit in case of other currency.

I would like to add that the average package of lets say 5-10 labels in previous runs where is in the 20 - 50 grams range.

that might give you an indication of shipping costs.


Payment have will go trough PayPal, as that is the most easy way for me dealing with international transactions.

Thank you for your visit.