Welcome to Arcade Decals.


After i received your order, i will add them to the file.

your order is then waiting for printing.

The way this store works is not like a regular store with inventory.

All decals are print to order, and because of that i need a minimum of one full sheet of Aluminium to make it cost effective.

It can take some time before i have enough to proceed.

As this is not a regular store, and i do this only to help out the Arcade community, you can understand it can take a while before a run is happening.

Its just hobby for me, so i need to do this in my spare time.

I have a normal regular job, so this is pure to help out the community and i like to create stuff.

Normally a run can take months, or weeks, i cannot say.

It all depends on when minimum of one sheet is full.

Anyway, once one or more sheets are full, i will schedule a date with the printers.

This webstore is simply a administration platform for me.

When ordering, please mention your forum and handle in the comments so i can PM you.

some decals require data printed on them, so specify that also in the comment box (along with the font for decals that don't have a fixed font) you desire during checkout.

here you can find a pic with sample fonts:


All decals i have done in the past are now up in this store, and when there are comming different requests, ill add these here too. This shop is always growing.

If a decal you are looking for is not in this shop, and you have a good straight photograph or scan with dimentions, contact me, and we can try to figure things out.
This has happened all the time in the past, and has made this shop grow to what it is now.

Again, I am only doing this to help out the Arcade collecting community, this is not, i repeat not a business.

The prices you see are based on the costs i make to have these printed and cutted.

I am not printing these myself, i have them printed by a professional printshop.

For those who are interested, the printer used is Agfa Anapurna UV Ink Printer.


the first time i have these printed, i was invited by the printshop to see the process.

I took a video of the printer in action (sorry for the poor quality, my camera was not one of the best in those days)


We tried to cut them with the CNC cutter, which failed because the knive was dull after a few cuts.


Because of that i need to cut all decals manually with my rollcutter.

I was also wondering if the ink would smudge, so i did a crude smudge test, and its not smudging in any way :


The vinyl decals are printed with a Epson Surecolor Solvent Ink Printer


Shipping costs.

i cannot determine the shipping costs untill i packed the enveloppe because its depending on weight.

I pack them in enveloppes with cardboard to prevent bending/folding/damage.

They go with the normal post, so the rates are lower than parcels.

for exact details you can checkout this page from the dutch postal service:

NL Postal Rates 2019

(section "Letters and cards to international destinations")

Rates are stated in Euros, so depending on the change rate at the time of shipping, this can vary a bit in case of other currency.

I would like to add that the average package of lets say 5-10 labels in previous runs where is in the 20 - 50 grams range.

that might give you an indication of shipping costs.


payment will be taken care of after printing before shipping.

i have 2 reasons for this procedure;

1. I don't know when the actual printing is taking place, and i don't like to sit on people's money.

2. As stated before, i cannot calculate the total because of the variating shipping costs.

Afterall, again, this is not a regular shop, and not a business, its pure hobby and helping out community at actual costs.

Payment have will go trough PayPal, as that is the most easy way for me dealing with international transactions.

Thank you for your visit.