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Mini Tins 40 Coolcaps

00 Mini Tins Coolcaps Mini Tins 40 Coolcaps


BOX filled with 40 CoolCaps with sophisticated one by one pearl dispenser system.

 Little box 62 x 31 x 9 mm containing 40 pearls with  mint liquid

Let us surprise you with a fantastic refreshing experience.

Papermints CoolCaps : the ONLY double capsule in the world.
One ball contains 2 liquid capsules.
The outer melts on your tongue. The inner in tour stomach.
This creates a very strong and long lasting, double action for unique fresh breath.

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Always have a fresh breath !
Ideal for protein diets, for smokers, after a drink

Sugar free. No calories

The new generation : DOUBLE LIQUID MINTS
Great ideas have someting unique inside

  - a double liquid flavour : result of a double layer technology
      *  instant freshness in the mouth
      *  lasting freshness in the stomach
  - modern, discrete, comfortable, convenient
  - protected by international patent rights
  - small, easy, impulse buying ...a new opportunity for your business

Vegetable oil (Coconut and Palm origin), Metnjol flavor (natural and artificial), Gelatin (Beef Gelatin, Halal certified),
Peppermint Flavor, Vanilla Flavor, Lemon Flavor, D-Sorbitol, Mint Flavor, Aspartame, Soy LEcithin, Sucralose, Glycerin, Cooling Flavour, Colorant E131

Directions : consume one pearls for instant breath and stomach refreshment
1. Take one pearl and put in on your tongue.
2. Let the outer ball melt
3. Swallow the inner ball to refresh the stomach

Avoid high temperature, humidity and sunlight

custom tariff : 2106 9098

weight :  6 gr (1,5 gr net)

Nutriotional information :         Per serving = 1 pearl                     Per 100 gr
Energy                                       1,575 Kj                                        2 461 Kj
                                                  0,37 Kcal                                        588,3      Kcal
Protein                                       0,005888 g                                          9,2  g
Fat Total                                     0,03552 g                                           55,5 g
   saturated                                 0,032704 g                                         51,1 g
   trans fat                                    ND < 0,3 g                                       ND  < 0,3 g
Carbohydrate                             0,00832 g                                            13,0 g
   sugars                                       ND < 0,5 g                                      ND  < 0,5 g
Moisture                                     0,014272 g                                          22,3 g
Ash                                             0,0 g                                                       0,0 g
Sodium                                       0,0097 mg                                             15,2 mg


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