Account overview

After logging in, you reach the overview page (dashboard) of your account. This is a brief overview of the status of your shop.

Your account

This section provides an overview of your account. Visitors analytics and order statistics can also be found here.
In this important part, you can manage your categories and products. You can also customize or create your web pages. And you will also find customer and order management here.
In this section you can find everything for the marketing of your shop and search engine optimization.
Here you can manage the layout and the settings of your shop. Adding payment methods and shipping costs can also be done here.
Info & Support
In this section you can find the documentation, frequently asked questions, information about our company and how to contact us.


Please have a look at our documentation and the FAQs before you ask a technical question. Your question will be answered much faster.

The documentation is updated regularly and is an important tool to make your shop successful. We have made a lot of effort to describe everything in a non technical way. The next chapters are about organizing your shop into categories and adding products.

Logging out

You can log out by clicking Log out in the Dashboard menu or by clicking Log out at the bottom of the page.

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