Advanced product management

Products Advanced product management gives you more control over the products in your shop. Before reading this chapter, we advise you to first read the chapter about basic product management.

Navigate to Management > Products and add a new product or choose a product to edit.

Advanced options

Go to the product management interface and click Advanced options.

Advanced product management

VAT rate
Select the VAT rate applicable to this product. Tax rates can be set at Settings > Invoices.
Web address
This allows you to personalize the web address for this page.
The condition of the product. Default value: New.
EAN code
The EAN code of the product.
Old price
A previous price of the product. This price is shown crossed out and is displayed before the real price.
Units is a short text that will be displayed behind the price. This can be a number, but also for example "0.5 kg". The result is: "€7.99 / 0.5 Kg".
Promote this product on the homepage of my shop
Check this box to add the product to the homepage of your shop. You can add as many products on the homepage as you want. You can change the sort order in the section Account and shop settings. If no products are checked, the most recently added products will be displayed on the homepage.

A frequently asked question to our support is why there are no products displayed on the homepage while this is set in the product options. This is because the number of products to be displayed on the homepage is set to 0 in the shop settings.
Category 2, 3, 4 and 5
You can put a product in multiple categories. The product won't be displayed twice if you choose the same category multiple times.

Multilingual names and descriptions

Click Available languages​​ in product management.

Depending on the configuration of your shop, there are zero or more input fields for the different languages ​​in which your shop is available. You don't have to add a new product for each language. In these fields you can enter the product name and description in all the languages set in your shop.

Product languages

Upload extra photos & add product videos

You can use the description field to add additional objects:

You can find more information about how to attach these objects in the section Uploading images, PDF files, videos and other objects.

Related products

Click Related products in product management.

Related products are displayed on the product detail page, beneath the main product.

Delete Click the delete icon to remove the link.

Copying products

You can find this at the bottom of the page Management > Products. If you need to add a large number of products, this can save you a lot of time. You can create one template product and add the following products using the data of this template product.

This will take you to the management interface of adding a new product. However, all the fields will be completed. You can make some adjustments and then add the product as if it's a new product.

Copy Product


Products or services which customers can book such as saunas, bicycles, a bed & breakfast...can be linked to a calendar. The customer can choose the date, time and duration of the reservation.

This is possible with the module Reservation system.


You can add up to 250.000 products. Nevertheless, we advise you to not add too many products to your shop. This will make it hard for your customers to find the products they are looking for. It's preferable to create more shops if you have a lot of products.

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