Categories and subcategories

Category Management Overview and structure are important for your online shop.

Your customers will appreciate it when they quickly find the products they are looking for. Therefore, create categories and subcategories to arrange your products.

Click Manage > Categories to manage your categories.

Edit Click the edit icon to update the category.

Move Drag the move icon to change the order of the categories or to create subcategories.

Delete Click the delete icon to remove a category.

Display Click the display icon to show or hide a category.

Add a new category

Click on the New category button. The first category is always a main category.

Avoid creating more than 300 categories, this will make your shop cluttered. You can put more products in the same category or create more shops for different product lines.

Update a category

After you have created categories, you can find them at Manage > Categories. Click the edit icon to update a category. You can also change the photo of the category or remove it.

Add a photo to a category

Categories without photos appear as text links. If you want to add a photo to the category, this can be done by selecting an image in the Photo field. If you upload photos, all categories will be displayed in boxes. Remove all photos to undo this.

The photo must be in the format .jpg, .jpeg, .gif or .png. The maximum file size is 5MB.

If your photos are too big, you can shrink the file size of your photos with software like pic resize or Fotosizer.

Sorting categories

Move Click the move icon and drag the bar with a category.

Release the bar between two other categories.

Click Save.

Click the button Sort alphabetically to automatically sort all categories in alphabetical order. The order, in which you set the categories, will be lost.


Method 1

First, create the categories.

Move Click the move icon and drag the bar with a category.

Release the bar upon a different category.

Click Save.

Method 2


Avoid creating categories more than 3 levels deep.

Hide and show categories

Display Click the green icon to hide a category.

Hide Click the red icon to show a category.

Don't forget to click Save.

Delete a category

Click the delete icon to delete a category. When deleting a category, all products that belong to this category will also be deleted.

Be careful! Deleted categories and products can not be restored.

Possible Problems

Category photos do not change
This is usually because the old photos are still in the cache of the web browser. A web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, ...) saves web pages and images on your hard disk. This way, on your next visit, the page will load faster. When you visit the page, you will see the old version of the photo on your hard drive and not the live version on your website.

To solve this problem: navigate to the shop page and click Refresh page or Reload page.

You can also use the shortcut keys: F5 or CTRL + R (Command + R on Mac). The most recent version of the web page is now loaded.

Other possible reasons why you do not see changes:
- You are viewing a wrong website or webpage

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