Choose the preferred version

Our software is available in four different versions. These versions differ in features and price. The more expensive versions have the most features. Switching to a higher version is called an upgrade.

Free version Empty star Empty star Empty star Star

The purpose of the free version is mainly to try out the software, so you get to know the user friendliness and the features. Feel free to experiment!

The free version is limited in time. You will receive an email when your testing period ends.

Basic version (Catalog website) Empty star Empty star Star Star

This budget version is perfect if you want a website for presenting your catalog and products. You can also customize the website and make additional pages in all languages. It is possible to disable the shopping cart, in order to create a catalog website.

Professional version Empty star Star Star Star

The Professional version is equipped with all the features for professional online selling, at a low price. Automatic online payment processing and shipping costs calculation are included in this version.

Business version Star Star Star Star

The Business version is the same as the Professional version, with lots more advanced features. This version includes all features.

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You can upgrade your shop at Settings > Upgrade.

You can upgrade your shop for 1, 3 or 12 months. After this period you will receive an e-mail with instructions to renew your purchase. If you don't wish to renew your shop, it will be automatically switched back to the free version. It is also possible to downgrade to a lower version. There are no binding contracts: when you do not want to continue with your shop, you can safely ignore the e-mails for renewal.

Make sure that you order the correct version and the correct number of months before you make a payment. Reimbursements (refunds) are not possible for webshop orders.

If you're not sure, choose the free version or a cheaper version and order for one month. You can later easily upgrade if you need more features. When switching between different versions, all settings and products will remain in the shop. Thus, you can "fill" your shop in the free version and then switch to a paid version.

If you have multiple webshops, be sure that you upgrade the correct webshop. The name of the webshop is always displayed during the upgrade process. We cannot cancel an order after it is executed.

Make sure that your domain name is correct: it can not be changed after registration. It is recommended to read the documentation on domain names first.

For example: you choose the Professional version for 12 months, but after 2 months you want to upgrade to the Business version. The price for the remaining 10 months that are not used, will be subtracted automatically from the new price.

EasyWebshop does not require a subscription. All shops are prepaid and can be cancelled at any moment. You will receive a reminder 30 days before the expiration date is reached. Please make sure your payment is received in time in order to continue the service with no interruption.

Do not wait until the last day to renew. When payments arrive later, it is possible that your webshop is switched back to the free version in the meantime. In the free version, your domain name is not renewed automatically. When a domain name is quarantined, the reactivation can be costly.

Account balance

You can add an amount to your EasyWebshop account balance.

Adding funds to your account balanceUsing the funds on your account balance

If there is an amount on your account balance, the price of your next order will be automatically reduced by that amount. The currency of the account balance is always Euro.

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