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It all starts by creating an account. Click the start button.

Navigate faster with tabs

Create two tabs in your browser: a tab with these instructions and a tab where you will manage your shop. This way you can easily switch from one tab to another and navigate faster. If you print this documentation, this is of course not applicable.

Press CTRL + T (or choose "File > New Tab") to open a new tab in your browser. In the new tab, navigate to our website:


The screenshots in this documentation may differ from the actual software.


First select your desired version: see the previous section for more information about the versions. Complete the registration form. Afterwards you can off course change all the information you entered.

Shop URL
Each shop has its own URL or web address, in the form of Your shop is always accessible on this unique address. Later on it's possible to attach a real domain name, eg

Your personal information will never be disclosed or sold to third parties. No unsolicited email (spam) will be sent. You can also cancel your account at any time. EasyWebshop does not require a subscription.

Confirm your shop

You will receive an e-mail with your personal confirmation code. With this code you can activate your account.

Follow the instructions in the email in order to complete your registration.



Once your account is activated, you can login on this web address:

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