Customer feedback

Feedback Feedback and Reviews are important to convince customers in the exploration phase to a purchase. The customer feedback and the satisfaction scores are indexed in search engines.

You can find the settings at Marketing > Customer feedback.

If Customer feedback is not displayed in the menu, first adjust the user level to Advanced, at Settings > User experience level.

Automatically sending a feedback invitation

You can invite your customers to place a review a few days after ordering.

Customer feedback

The e-mails with feedback invitations are sent daily at approximately 13h CET.

Displaying customer satisfaction in your shop

You can display the satisfaction score in your shop.

Make your selection and click Save. The widget is automatically installed and your customers can write reviews.

Responding to reviews

At the bottom you (as merchant) can reply to the reviews.

Product reviews

You can let customers review your products. As a merchant, you can delete the product reviews.

That's it! Your customers can now place reviews on your products.

Deleting reviews

Product reviews can be deleted by the merchant.

Customer reviews can not be deleted by the merchant for obvious reasons. You can however reply to them.

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