Instant notifications on smartphone and smart watch

Instant Notifications Instant notifications are sent automatically after every order and contact inquiry in your shop. These notifications take place through a free messenger app that you can install on your PC, tablet, smartphone and / or smart watch. This way you will not miss orders from your customers.

You can set this at Account Settings > Telegram. Enter your mobile phone number and confirm.

For now only Telegram is available, in the future we will add more instant messaging services.

Instant messaging services

Google Talk
Google Talk is the messenger that Google provides.

Platforms: Android, BlackBerry OS, Chrome OS, Linux, Mac OS X, Maemo, Symbian, webOS, Windows
Jabber / XMPP
Jabber/XMPP is the instant messaging service based on the open XMPP.

Platforms: Android, BlackBerry, Browser, Console, FreeBSD, IBM i, iOS, Linux, Maemo, OSX, Palm OS, Symbian, Windows
Telegram is an instant messaging system focusing on privacy and multi-platform availability.

Platforms: Android, Apple Watch, iOS, Linux, OS X, Windows, Windows Phone
Tox is a free and open-source, peer-to-peer, encrypted instant messaging and video calling protocol.

Platforms: Android, FreeBSD, iOS, Linux, OpenIndiana, OS X, Sailfish OS, Windows
WhatsApp is an instant messaging app that Facebook provides.

Platforms: Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Symbian, Tizen, Windows Phone

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