Meta tags - Website verification

HTML - XML You can insert META tags in the header of your webpage. This allows you to:

Do not use this module to set META keywords and META descriptions. Use the CMS for this.

Google verification

With this module you can verify your site with Google. Choose verification through meta tags.

If Meta tags is not displayed in the menu, first adjust the user level to Expert, at Settings > User experience level.

You need a domain name in order to be able to verify your website.

You can now verify your site with Google.

Google Webmaster Tools verification

Deactivate the module if you no longer use it, for example after your Google account is verified.

Use the activation code MODM to activate the module.

Possible problems

I see no changes on the website after saving
Check if the module is active. Check also whether the modules CSS and custom lay-out are deactivated.
My website loads slow
Do not put statistics code or other scripting in this text field, use the statistics module instead. If you insert statistic code on top of the page, it will be loaded before the page is loaded. This way, the page will load a lot slower.

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