Point Of Sale (POS)

POS Your customers can order in your online shop: this is efficient and saves you time.

But in some cases customers prefer to call, fax or place their order in person.

To manage the administration of your orders, customers and product stock, you need a cash register or POS. (Point Of Sale)

The cash register actually works in the same way as your shop, with the difference that you as the merchant place the order in a customized interface. This has several advantages:

How to use the cash register?

You can find the POS at Dashboard > Cash register (POS).

If Cash register (POS) is not displayed in the menu, first adjust the user level to Advanced, at Settings > User experience level.

On the home screen you see the overview of your products.

Top bar

EasyWebshop logo
Click the logo to return to the home screen with the overview of the products.
Searching products
Type the first letters of the item code to quickly find a product.
Searching customers
Type the first letters of the first name or the last name of the customer to quickly find a customer.

Middle section

In the middle section you can find your products. Click on a product to add it to the shopping cart. If the product has parameters, you can enter them first. You can also adjust the amount.

In the shopping cart (we will get to this later) you can set the payment method and optionally a shipping method.

Bottom bar

More options
This button allows you to go back to the management interface of your shop, to change the language of the order, to add a new customer and to change the preferences of the cash register.
Shopping cart
Click this button to get an overview of the added products. When you add products you will see the total price here.
When you have finished adding products you can complete the order here. The order is automatically placed in your shop. When you select a customer, he or she will automatically receive an email.

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