Product filters

Product filters If you have a lot of products, it can be useful for your visitors that they can search for a desired product quickly, by selecting parameters or characteristics of the product.

For example: you sell laptops. In the category Laptops in your shop, your visitor can choose to display all laptops with 4GB RAM and a 250GB hard drive and with Bluetooth. This makes searching in a large range of products a lot more user friendly for your visitors.

Product filters is an expert module. It is not easy to set this up and your visitors also need to be more technical. Please read the documentation page completely before use.

A good alternative is to use (sub)categories and variations + parameters. This is usually a lot easier to set-up. Carefully plan the structure of the webshop beforehand: the most important thing is to keep it user friendly and easy to navigate.

Setting product filters

You can find this module at Settings > Modules > Product filters. At the bottom you can add a new product filter.

The name of the product filter, in the example this could be "Ram memory"
Checkbox: your visitors can select more than one option
Radio button: your visitors can select one option at a time
The category in which the filter should be displayed

After adding product filters, you can find them on the module page.

Linking products to a product filter

When adding or editing a product, you can select the desired search criteria in the bar Product filters and set a value.

If the visitor selects a product filter in your shop, the products will be grouped case sensitive by the filter. So set the values ​​of all products using this filter in exactly the same way.

Editing and deleting product filters

Delete Edit Use the Edit and Delete icons to quickly edit or remove a product filter.

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