Product variations, personalization and colors

Products Imagine you have a product with multiple variations in color, type or size. Instead of adding separate products for each variation, you can set variations, parameters and colors for each product.

Navigate to Management > Products, add a new product or select a product to edit. Click the Advanced tab in the product editing form so you can edit all product options.

Variations each have their own article code. They are different products that can vary in price, weight and stock.
For example: a medium size T-shirt is different from a large size T-shirt.
Product personalization (was named Parameters before)
With product personalization your customers can personalize your products to their desires. The article code and the price of the product remain the same regardless of the parameters.
For example: a text on a T-shirt can be a parameter.
Colors are actually parameters, but can be set in a very user-friendly way. This feature is added because parameters can be complicated for new users.
If the pre-defined colors are too limited, you can still use variations or parameters to set a color.

Your visitors can choose the variation, parameter or color on the product detail page in your shop.

Setting product variations


Sizes of clothing:

A product which offers the possibility to include an extra service:

Adding a variation to a product

You will now see a new product form with orange fields. Only article is a required field. All fields that haven't been filled, will have the same value ​​as the main product.

Product properties

View the results

Navigate to the product in your shop and you will see that a drop down menu has been added with the text Select....

Display properties in list format or in a drop down menu

You can change the way product properties are displayed with the Product detail page layout option at Settings > Shop settings.

Variations: listA clear list of the variations is displayed. Your visitors can add the product immediately to their shopping cart.
Variations: drop down menu The product variations are displayed in a compact way in a drop down menu. Your visitors can select the desired property in this menu.

Change "Select ..." to "Choose your size"

Setting variation titles

If you want to add multiple variations, make sure the Drop down menu title remains identical. If this isn't the case, you will create a new drop down menu.

Special features

Every variation can have a different price, weight, photo or different colors. You can also mix product variations with multilingual descriptions, product statuses, discount prices, customer groups and product personalization.

The main product is also a product the customer can purchase. If you don't want this, you can change the product status to Customer has to choose a variation first.

Variations can also have subvariations. They may also have other product characteristics. When the fields are empty, they will receive the value of the parent product, or the product above.
For example, you can let your customer choose between Cotton or Polyester and then choose between sizes.

Product variations are attached to the main product. They are never shown in product lists, in search results or in filter results. Use categories and subcategories if you want your customers to find your products in the product lists.

Edit or delete a variation

Delete Edit You can change the variations or delete them by clicking the icons in the list of added variations.

Product personalization

In product management, click the Advanced tab and open the Product personalization section.

Product personalization are additional properties of a product. This may be a text on a cake, a shoe, or dimensions of contact lenses. Parameters are custom characteristics of your product that are chosen by your customer.

Product personalization doesn't affect the price of a product. If you want a separate price for each parameter, use variations instead.

Product parameters

Product parameters are displayed on the product detail page, the customer can set them before he adds the product to his shopping cart.

There is also a checkout fields module which can be used to set parameters for the checkout process.

Edit or delete a parameter

Edit Delete To edit or delete a parameter simply click the icon in the parameter list. Then click Save to confirm.

Setting colors

In product management, click the Advanced tab and open the Available colors section. Select one or more colors in which the product is available.

 White Ivory LightYellow Yellow
 Snow FloralWhite LemonChiffon Cornsilk
 SeaShell LavenderBlush PapayaWhip BlanchedAlmond
 MistyRose Bisque Moccasin NavajoWhite
 PeachPuff Gold Pink LightPink
 Orange LightSalmon Darkorange Coral
 HotPink Tomato OrangeRed DeepPink
 Magenta Fuchsia Red OldLace
 LightGoldenRodYellow Linen AntiqueWhite Salmon
 GhostWhite MintCream WhiteSmoke Beige
 Wheat SandyBrown Azure HoneyDew
 AliceBlue Khaki LightCoral PaleGoldenRod
 Violet DarkSalmon Lavender LightCyan
 BurlyWood Plum Gainsboro Crimson
 GoldenRod Orchid Thistle PaleVioletRed
 LightGrey Tan Chocolate Peru
 IndianRed  MediumVioletRed Silver DarkKhaki
 RosyBrown MediumOrchid DarkGoldenRod FireBrick
 PowderBlue LightSteelBlue PaleTurquoise GreenYellow
 LightBlue DarkGray Brown Sienna
 YellowGreen DarkOrchid PaleGreen DarkViolet
 MediumPurple LightGreen DarkSeaGreen SaddleBrown
 DarkMagenta DarkRed BlueViolet LightSkyBlue
 SkyBlue Gray Olive Purple
 Maroon Aquamarine Chartreuse LawnGreen
 MediumSlateBlue LightSlateGray SlateGray OliveDrab
 SlateBlue DimGray MediumAquaMarine CornflowerBlue
 CadetBlue DarkOliveGreen Indigo  MediumTurquoise
 DarkSlateBlue SteelBlue RoyalBlue Turquoise
 MediumSeaGreen LimeGreen DarkSlateGray SeaGreen
 ForestGreen LightSeaGreen DodgerBlue MidnightBlue
 Cyan Aqua SpringGreen Lime
 MediumSpringGreen DarkTurquoise DeepSkyBlue DarkCyan
 Teal Green DarkGreen Blue
 MediumBlue DarkBlue Navy Black

Because there is a large number of available colors, the window has scrollbars. Don't forget to scroll down.

The available colors are the 256 Web Safe Colors. If you can't find the color you want in the list, or if you want to set a different price per color, use variations or parameters to set the colors yourself.

Colors with parameters

Colors with parameters

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