Sending newsletters

Newsletter You can send a newsletter to multiple customers simultaneously. If you have customer accounts with different languages​, you can send a separate version for foreign speaking customers.

Navigate to Marketing > Newsletter. You will find an overview of your newsletters. The first time this page will be blank.

If Newsletter is not displayed in the menu, first adjust the user level to Advanced, at Settings > User experience level.

At the bottom of the page you will see the statistics of your customers for each language group that opted-in for your newsletter.

Sending a newsletter

Click Create newsletter to compose a new newsletter. Choose the language, enter the subject, and enter the text of the newsletter.


Click Save. You will see an overview of how your newsletter will look like.

It's not allowed to send unwanted email to your customers. Send up to a maximum of two newsletters a week. Use the newsletter module with respect to your customers. EasyWebshop has the right to block an account when abuse is determined.

Check your newsletter for spelling errors before you send it. After a newsletter is sent, it's inside the mailbox of your customers and you can no longer make any changes. By no means send a newsletter several times to correct mistakes. This is not only unprofessional, but also causes problems on mail servers.

Newsletter management

Edit Delete Use the edit and delete icons for managing your newsletters.

Be careful, a deleted newsletter can not be recovered.

Newsletter opt-in

You add a newsletter opt-in to the homepage of your shop.

Your customers can now opt-in for the newsletter at your homepage.

Possible problems

The newsletter does not arrive in the mailboxes of my customers
The most common problems:
  • The email ends up in the spam folder or the contact is automatically deleted by an incorrectly configured spam filter
  • The mailbox is full
  • There's a problem with the receivers email provider

You can find an overview of sent newsletters at Settings > Logs. Sent means that the newsletter is successfully sent from our mail servers. There is no guarantee that the email effectively arrived: this depends on the email provider of the receiver.
Images and pictures do not appear in my mailbox
For security reasons, most email and webmail clients do not show images by default.
The solution to this problem depends on the email client. Sometimes you see Show remote content, Display images or Show pictures. Please consult the help desk of your email provider for this.
Can I change my sending email address?
Newsletters are sent using the no-reply@easywebshop.com address. Only in this case the receiving mail server can verify that the newsletter is coming from the EasyWebshop server. It is not possible to change this. If you were to use a different email address then the newsletter would end up in the junk mail folder or would be deleted by the spam filter.

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