Slideshow EasyWebshop has a user friendly module to display your products in a slideshow. This module can also be used to show regular photos.

You can find the slideshow at Marketing > Slideshow.

If Slideshow is not displayed in the menu, first adjust the user level to Advanced, at Settings > User experience level.

Activating the slideshow

Go to the bottom of the page to add a new slide.

The name or description that will be shown on the slide. Leave this blank for no text.
You can add a photo. The maximum file size is 5MB, allowed formats are .jpg, .gif or .png format. If the photo is too large, it will be proportionally rescaled to 1200x1200 pixels. Adding a photo is optional.
You can link the slide to a product. Enter the article code of the product you want to link to the slide. If no photo is added, the first product photo will be shown in the slideshow.
You can set whether the slide is visible or not on your website.

Slideshow tips

The slideshow is search engine friendly and mobile friendly. The slideshow will automatically scale depending on the size of the screen.

Slideshow module screenshot

Texts will automatically be indexed by search engines if a Name is entered for the slide. Avoid placing text on the images of the slides: these texts will not be indexed by search engines.

A wide slideshow looks better than a square slideshow. In order to obtain this effect, the photos are cut at the top and at the bottom if they are too big. The slideshow has a maximum width of 1200 pixels and a maximum height of 300 pixels. On a smaller screens, the slideshow will adapt to the width of the screen. It is advisable to upload photos as large as possible: this way they will not be blurry if they are stretched.

If you want to make the slideshow narrower manually, you can use this code:

<div style="max-width: 500px; margin: 0 auto;">[WEBSHOP_SLIDESHOW1]</div>

You can set this in the CMS on the page where your slideshow is placed. Click on the icon Edit HTML or Insert > Edit HTML. Paste the code at the desired location. 500px can be replaced by the desired width.

It is advisable to not change the height of the slideshow: if the slideshow more than 300 pixels high, your visitors with a small screen will have to scroll.

Editing the slides

Edit Click the edit icon to edit the slide

Move Drag the drag icon to change the order of the slides

Delete Click the delete icon to remove a slide

Display Click the display icon to display or hide a slide show

Multilingual slideshow

If your shop is multilingual you can choose the language above the slides.

You can upload different slides for each language. This gives you the advantage that texts on the slides are always displayed in the language of your visitor.

Adding multiple slideshows

Add slideshow

Above the slides there is a drop down box Slideshow 1. Click on this box and click Add.

Choose on which page you want to display the slideshow
Enter the amount of seconds each slide is displayed

You can change these values afterwards by first selecting the desired slideshow in the drop down menu and then click the Edit button on the right.

You can put the slideshow on each page of your shop or category page with the build-in CMS.

You can also put the slideshow on multiple pages or put multiple slideshows on one page.

Put the keyword [WEBSHOP_SLIDESHOW1] on your pages for the first slideshow, put [WEBSHOP_SLIDESHOW2] for the second, etc.

Possible Problems

The slideshow does not appear
When activating the slideshow module, the keyword [WEBSHOP_SLIDESHOW1] is placed automatically on the homepage. It's possible you have deleted this keyword. Put the keyword back on the page where you want the slideshow to appear.
Outdated web browser
The slideshow does not appear in the outdated Internet Explorer 6. Unfortunately we can not do anything about this: the slideshow works well in all modern web browsers (Internet Explorer 11, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera).

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