How can I copy a complete shop?


Step 1: create a new shop

Start shop Start your shop Documentation domain names

Step 2: import categories and products

Products and categories You can import categories and products directly from another shop of EasyWebshop.

Documentation import

Step 3: copy the layout

Layout You can copy the layout of another shop of EasyWebshop at Settings > Layout.

Layout settings

Step 4: copy CMS pages

CMS Adding web pages has to be done manually. You can however export the pages from the source shop.

For search engine optimization we discourage to copy web pages and product descriptions literally. Search engines prefer unique content.

Search engine optimization Export web pages

Step 5: copy payment providers

Payments In most cases you can use the same data from your payment provider without having to sign new contracts. Depending on your payment provider you can add your new shop to their back-end and use a separate connection for each shop.

Payment settings

Step 6: settings

Instellingen These settings have to be done manually:

Shop settings

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