Is my online shop secure?


Our online shops follow strict safety standards to prevent theft or loss of data and to prevent fraud.


Security Passwords are always stored in encrypted form in our databases. We can not see them or send them to you.

Passwords are always sent encrypted between the client and our servers using SSL encryption and/or javascript encryption.


Payments All payments - both to us as those of your customers to you - are performed on the payment page of the payment provider. Payment providers always have their own SSL certificate to ensure that the entire payment process is secure.

SSL Certificates

Security All our shops are quipped with an SSL certificate.

Server and platform security

Server security All our servers are equipped with firewalls, traffic sanitizers and are maintained daily to be updated with the latest security updates.

Our platform and your shop are secured to deal in the best possible way with (D)DOS attacks, SQL injection and XSS attacks.

E-mail security

E-mail security Our mail servers scan all incoming email for viruses automatically. Only secure mail protocols are used over secure connections.

Spam protection

Spam prevention CAPTCHA codes are provided on application forms and contact forms to prevent automated spam submissions. In addition, various techniques are used in order detect and block inhuman activity.

Fraud prevention

Fraud prevention Our online shops are checked at random on fraudulent practices. If fraud or scams are detected by us the shop will be suspended immediately.

We also have a fraud report form.


Backup The shops, e-mail and all our customers' data are backed up daily at a remote location.

Our customers also have the possibility to create a backup of their data within the application itself.


Web EasyWebshop runs on server clusters in two different data centers in Belgium and Luxembourg. All components of our platform are redundant, equipped with UPS, emergency power supply and multiple fiber connections.

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