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TyytyväisyysmittariTyytyväisyysmittariTyytyväisyysmittariTyytyväisyysmittariTyytyväisyysmittari4.8 / 5
157 Äänet, 40 arvostelut

Gregory Vercaemer, www.dezuidhoekelverdinge.comjoi 6. decembrie 2018, 11:06


Very user friendly and easy.

Hee-Ju Lee, Yu-Gi-Wangmarți 27. noiembrie 2018, 0:06


Better overview with regard to setting up products, update for users is deterioration, no progress, use was first easier and friendlier. With sold out products, put all products at once or invisible. Much better search function for both customers and users, I sometimes have to search 4 times again to put all sold-out products on invisible or delete. More Categories. Action stickers to put on products. Reverse sorting. Make newsletter easier so that photos and the like can be placed there. If I remove products from orders do not make available on site by default. If I put photo in site panel, do not show it on sales page ... very annoying if you want to complete a sale that you sometimes have to scroll down a lot. More help to make site more professional, now 0% help.


Dear Hee-Ju Lee

Thank you for your feedback and your suggestions.

The new product management was a major update and a big investment for us. We know that after every update some customers want to go back to the old system. We've put a lot of preparation and engineering in the new product management. We are convinced that it's an improvement, thousands of our customers are using it on a daily basis. Most customers find it more user friendly and a lot faster to work with than the old system.

We've put all your suggestions on our update list. If we see that other customers share the same issues, we will of course implement new features.

Please contact our support for the design of your webshop: we can bring you in contact with a number of talented web designers who can style the layout to your wishes.

Melissa Godecharle, Mamy's Giftshopmiercuri 14. noiembrie 2018, 14:02


fast service

Genevieve Preneel, webshop-genevieveluni 12. noiembrie 2018, 23:05


Very user-friendly. Really a pleasure to work with this program !!!

Saskia De Munster, tante-nonkel.bejoi 1. noiembrie 2018, 20:26


Too bad you can not get a nicer layout without the 'designer' function ...
Furthermore, well developed.


Thank you for your feedback. We are working on a new layout update!

Jon Van Maele, KAARTEN MET EEN WENSsâmbătă 13. octombrie 2018, 8:24


Hopefully the prices remain low because you get at EasyWebshop great value for money!


Thank you Jon. Don't worry: we have no plans to increase prices.

Myriam Matthee, Desireeluni 1. octombrie 2018, 11:09


Always good service and quick, clear answers. Affordable webshop that does not become more expensive every year. Very satisfied. Myriam Matthee

Peter Van De Weyer, vleesambachtduminică 16. septembrie 2018, 17:20


Professional webshop with many features.


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