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Robrecht Delbaere, Art Framing Brugge金曜日, 27 4月 2018, 12:04


Extremely satisfied with this platform! We run several web shops with this and we like the user-friendliness of it. In addition, good support! RECOMMEND!

Vanessa Broes, Nail Company木曜日, 26 4月 2018, 11:53


Easy to use, budget friendly and fast support.

Jeanpaul Robbertsen, Zo-Elle土曜日, 21 4月 2018, 12:03


Powerful platform, fast response time to questions via support. Many features. And AFFORDABLE !!!

Gert Van De Walle, Mobile covers金曜日, 20 4月 2018, 16:35


Expensive program! It is advertised that it is free but if you want more features then you still have to pay anyway!!!


Dear Gert

Thank you for your feedback. We do not agree that our program is expensive. We do our best to offer our customers maximum quality and service at the lowest price.

There are indeed cheaper providers, but they do not have the possibilities EasyWebshop has. Additionally, the web hosting, a domain name, e-mail, SSL certificate, SEO, multilingualism, templates and support are included. With most providers you have to pay extra for this.

Our free version is only for testing. The prices can be found by clicking on "Prices" above.

Leigh Van den Acker, The Box日曜日, 15 4月 2018, 13:37


Fast and friendly service. EasyWebshop tries to be as up-to-date as possible and to answer questions as quickly as possible. Their web shop back end functions and innovative updates are not always successful for all users, but what needs to succeed is ultimately successful. Definitely recommended, even for professional online shops the most interesting in terms of functionality and price.

Stephan Van den Venne, TovShop土曜日, 14 4月 2018, 10:30


A complete package to set up your webshop and very user-friendly! Programming is not necessary at all. However, if you are able to, you can make some adjustments here and there to organize your web shop even more according to your own needs.
But above all a super good service and fast response!
Probably one of the most complete web shop packages and for the price you should definitely not ignore it!

Jessica Scheurwegs, Jestgroom金曜日, 13 4月 2018, 20:39


We have switched our web shop from PrestaShop to EasyWebshop because of easier working and setting up. I would just like to have one nice layout.


Dear Jessica

Please contact our support. We have contact with many talented web designers. They can tailor the layout exactly as you wish.

Patricia Van Schoeland, Body & Face Art木曜日, 12 4月 2018, 16:29


Very easy to use works super!

Aaron Hendrickx, Naxcarparts木曜日, 12 4月 2018, 13:44


Very satisfied! We have been using EasyWebshop for years and our company has grown into a fixed value by the webshop!
Very handy and efficient work at favourable rates, in short, tops!

Tania Formosa, Classy damesmode木曜日, 12 4月 2018, 12:09


Not user-friendly at all, and certainly not EASY. The adding of products is very cumbersome and payments do not work. How can you have a webshop if a customer cannot pay? I want my money back!


Dear Tania

Thanks for your feedback. We regret that you have experienced inconvenience when setting up your webshop, user-friendliness is our top priority.

Have you gone through the documentation and frequently asked questions? We spend a lot of time carefully documenting all functions. The documentation also includes screen shots and diagrams to clarify everything. All documentation is also multilingual, if English is not your mother tongue. By clicking the globe icon on the top right, you can change the language.

If it still does not work, please contact us via a support ticket or try our webshop course. We are happy to help you!


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