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High quality photos

Camera With the module High quality photos you can upload product photos and category photos in high quality. It is also possible to adjust the size of the thumbnails.

The dimensions of the product photos are optimized by default for fast loading times, optimal display on small screens for mobile devices, yet big enough to show the products clearly. If you change the dimensions, you can disrupt this balance. Please check afterwards if the layout of your shop is properly shown on tablets and smartphones.

Photo zoomer

The photo zoomer is an alternative to the high quality photos module. The photo zoomer is less technical and will ensure that your website will load faster than with the large product images module.

With the photo zoomer your customers can view the product photos in high quality when they move their mouse cursor above the main product photo. They then see the zoomed version of the part under the mouse cursor.


Setting the dimensions

If High Quality Photos is not displayed in the menu, first adjust the user level to Expert, at Settings > User experience level.

The new settings will apply to all new product photos that are uploaded. Category photos get the same size as the thumbnails of products.

This module makes your site slower. Deactivate the module when you do not use it.

Default values

PhotoDefault value
Product Photo512x384px
Product thumbnail 140x140px
Product mini thumbnail (sub photo )50x50px