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Designing a beautiful layout

Webshop layout A professional layout is important to appear trustworthy in order to win the confidence of your customers. With EasyWebshop it's very easy to choose and personalize a layout yourself.

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Changing the layout has no impact on the operation of the shop. Any change can be undone or modified later. So take your time to experiment with colors, images and fonts to obtain the desired result.

Tips to design a beautiful layout yourself

Keep it simple
Your customers do not purchase a product depending on the layout of the website. A simple functional layout will perform better than a busy layout with lots of unnecessary decoration.

Compare these two websites: Bing and Google. Which one is the most beautiful? Which one is the most used?
Stay consistent
Choose a color palette and keep using the same colors. Use the same font unless you know what you are doing.
Get inspiration
There is nothing wrong with watching how others do it. You can find inspiration in our examples or our directory.
Photos bring a website to life
A recognizable logo, clear product photos and a matching background make your website really come alive.
Get advice from friends, family and colleagues
Ask different people what they think of your layout. A beautiful layout is subjective. You will see that there are many conflicting opinions.
Provide adequate contrast, avoid style errors

Some common mistakes:

  • Text with low contrast
  • Text that is irritating to read
  • Effects from the 90s are no longer up to date
  • Large blocks of text in italics are difficult to read
  • Avoid repeating punctuation!!!

Asking a web designer to design your layout

HTML - XML With the built-in designer, you can personalize you layout yourself. There are plenty of options so you can distinguish your shop from other websites. This is the easiest and least expensive option.

If you don't achieve the desired result, you can ask a web designer to build a custom made layout. We do not provide web design services, but we have good contacts with reliable partners for this. Please contact us for a web designer, we will be happy to help you further.

You can also look for a web designer yourself. Please note, there are unfortunately many uneducated web designers on the internet. Ask for references and check the references also by contacting them.

The average cost for a custom layout is between € 500 and € 1,500, depending on what your needs are. Start with a clear description of what you expect.

Your web designer can customize the existing layout (CSS customization) or design a complete new layout. (Layout customization)

Navigate faster with tabs

Create two tabs in your browser: a tab with these instructions and a tab where you will manage your shop. This way you can easily switch from one tab to another and navigate faster. If you print this documentation, this is off course not applicable.

Press CTRL + T (or choose "File > New Tab") to open a new tab in your browser. In the new tab, navigate to our website:


Every time you change something in the backend, navigate to the tab of your website and press Reload page, Refresh page or F5 to see the last update.