10 Years EasyWebshop

화요일, 2 4월 2019, 16:00

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We are proud to announce you the 10th anniversary of EasyWebshop.

10 years of progress

EasyWebshop was launched in April 2009 during the economical recession. We were at the right time: our software offered an easy and affordable solution at a time when businesses were looking for savings.

We quickly became market leader in Belgium and and started selling across borders. Today webshops are available in 20 languages and 34 currencies.

We've accomplished to grow naturally year after year without aggressive marketing.

10 years without price increase

Our concept has always been simple: offer a great product with a great service at a great price, and success will follow.

We will continue making EasyWebshop even better while maintaining the low pricing. We've planned some interesting updates for this year!

Thanks for choosing us

We want to specially thank our loyal customers. Some have been with us from the start and have grown their businesses together with us.

For our 10th anniversary we have a special promotion that runs for the whole year.

We've hidden a couple of Easter eggs in our application. If you find one, be sure to click on it!

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