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일요일, 13 10월 2019, 12:00

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We would like to have your feedback on which update you want us to implement next. It helps us to get an insight into our customers' wishes and to improve EasyWebshop.

We promise it will be quick and we won't bother you with annoying forms :-)

Discounts with gift cards

EasyWebshop has a powerful and easy to use discount system. But we can always make it better. This update adds new features to the discount system such as gift cards, new discount conditions and a cleaner interface.

Vote for discount update

Symcalia update (reservation scheduling)

In 2011, Symcalia was implemented in EasyWebshop: a reservation calendar which made it possible to schedule appointments for holiday homes, doctor's appointments, workshops and for renting equipment. Unfortunately, Symcalia was not a great success at the time: it was too complicated to use and was removed a year after its implementation.

The goal of this update is to redevelop Symcalia from the ground up using modern technology and our experience on user friendly interfaces. Vote for this update if you want easy to use reservation scheduling to be implemented in your webshop.

Vote for Symcalia

Product filters

Product filters on the product lists are possible in EasyWebshop, but they are not as easy to use as they should be.

With this update we want to change this and make this feature user friendly.

Vote for product filters

Layout update

An attractive and modern design is mandatory for your webshop. But it also has to be user friendly and work consistent on every device. Therefore, EasyWebshop templates comply with high standards for design quality:

We want to take this a step further. This update will add new settings that will allow you to personalize every detail of the design of your webshop.

Vote for layout update

B2B functions

E-commerce is trending for businesses. This update aims to make it easier to sell to B2C and B2B customers using the same webshop.

Vote for B2B update

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