EasyWebshop moves to Malta

금요일, 23 8월 2019, 18:00

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We are proud to announce you that EasyWebshop has moved from Belgium to Malta.

Moving forward

EasyWebshop has its roots in Belgium where it has the market leader position for webshops.

To further facilitate our growth we decided it's time to move on. Malta provides us with a stable business climate and a tech friendly atmosphere. This allows us to compete internationally.

No changes

We promise minimal change: EasyWebshop will continue in the same direction with the concept that has been successful for over 10 years.

Future perspectives

Thanks to this transition we can keep our attractive pricing. Yes, you are reading this correctly: we did not increase our prices for over 10 years and we have no intention to do so!

The switch to Malta also gives us opportunities for improving the help desk. New colleagues will be trained and available for you to provide a fast and quality support service in five languages.

Our website, terms of use and payment details have been updated. Please do not use the old bank account (IBAN) numbers when using bank transfer payments. New account numbers are provided instead.

Domain names

If you are the owner of a domain name, the domain name remains registered in your name and is legally yours. The registrar of the domain name will change to "EasyWebshop Limited". If you own a .be, .eu or .nl domain name, it is possible that the registry informs you about this change. No action from your side is required.

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