Shops receive a facelift

Saturday, 10 December 2016

For the past months, we've worked hard to modernize and visually improve our shops. We want to thank our customers for the many suggestions we've received. The updates can have an impact on the design of your shop.

New, mobile-friendly templates

Two new templates Soft Touch and Soft Link have been added. The old templates that weren't mobile-friendly have been removed. If you used one of the older templates, we recommend you switch to one of the new templates as soon as possible. The old templates will not be maintained, and will be removed in the future.

Soft TouchSoft Link

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New slideshow

The new slideshow takes in the full width of the page, and now supports large images. In case you still use smaller images, these might now show blurrier than before. We recommend uploading pictures that are at least 1200 pixels wide.


Slideshow setup

Flexible product lists

The new product lists ensure a better integration in search engines, and are further optimized for display on tablets and smartphones. To do this, the structure of the product lists has been modified; you might have to do your own modifications in case you use personalized CSS. You can also deactivate the CSS module at Settings > Layout > Designer > CSS.

Product list

Extendable shopping cart

The shopping cart has become more user-friendly, and your customers no longer need to leave the page to view their shopping cart. In combination with the shopping gallery with swipe function, the shopping experience has become even smoother for your customers.

Shopping cart

New fonts

New fonts have improved the display of your texts. We recommend sticking to a single font; websites with multiple fonts can come across as busy and unprofessional.


Font setup

Language and currency settings

Menus for selecting language and currency have been simplified, and the language flags have been removed. The reason for this is that not every language corresponds to one flag.

Language choice

Send us your suggestions!

Do you have any questions on the update, or is the display of your website incorrect? Contact us; we would love to be of assistance!