We've made the ordering process easier

Wednesday, 23 March 2022, 11:00

When people visit your webshop the aim is of course that they buy something. And that they return later and become regular customers. For this it is important that the shopping experience is as pleasant as possible.

An important part of this is a smooth ordering process. So that a full shopping cart results as quickly as possible in an actual order. If this requires endless steps to be taken (or even crashing the website which even in 2022 often happens - fortunately not at our webshops!) it is irritating.

We have spent the last 13 years making the ordering process easier and easier. That is the best guarantee for an ultimate shopping experience.

The latest improvements to the ordering process

Customers can create an account more easily, without any security implications:

In addition, there is also the option to order as a guest (i.e. without password and email verification). You can also order for the customer yourself using the POS app.

You can expect this from us soon

In a few weeks we will launch an update to the invoicing application. This will provide many additional features, including the creation of credit memos, personalized invoices, forwarding invoices to an accountant and much more.

We are also working on updated product lists and user-friendly product filters. A new app platform is also planned.

Listening to our customers has made EasyWebshop what it is today. Your feedback is therefore very valuable to us. We are always very happy with a truthful review as well! Please contact us with any questions or suggestions.