7 Years EasyWebshop: winning formula!

mandag 11. april 2016, 12:00

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Layout update: new templates

In our previous newsletter we announced the layout update and the new layout editor. This time we've brought you two new templates: Streamlined and Streamlined Wide.

Both have a sleek and modern design. Naturally, they are optimized for search engines and to be mobile-friendly.

You start with a relatively simple base, to which you can add elements. However, we recommend that you keep it simple and use a limited color palette. Crowded websites do not suggest professionalism!

Layout editor

Simplified domain name management

Registering domain names is now easier and more complete than before. At Settings > Domain names, you will find a summary list of all your domain names.

Here you can easily register additional domain names. For example, you can register the .com, .co.uk and .eu versions of your domain name.

Do you have any domain names with a different registrar which you don't wish to transfer? Now you can connect external domain names to your shop. This way, the new gTLDs such as .amsterdam, .brussels, .flowers, or .jewelry can be used. This service is free; the domain names must of course be owned by you.

Domain names

Automation: synchronizing inventory

OfficeLink is an application that makes it easy to connect with external parties. It presents the data from your shop in an open format in such a way that other applications can easily import it through an automated process. OfficeLink acts as a "bridge" or "link" between EasyWebshop and another party.

With OfficeLink, you can keep your cash register, inventory, accounting, and billing synchronized. Find it among the Apps.


7 Years EasyWebshop: winning formula!

This month we're celebrating our 7th birthday. We started with the intention to create a simple webshop platform for entrepreneurs, who generally do not have time to learn complex software programs.

We have grown every year, and we expect 2016 to be a record year again. Qualitative webshop software that works well, attractive prices and excellent customer service have undoubtedly been the key to this success.

Word of mouth seems to work well for us and ensures a stable growth. As an EasyWebshop customer, you don't pay for wasteful marketing campaigns. Instead, we are investing in new features, user friendliness and service. Our marketing budget for the first quarter of 2016 was €0.00!

We would like to thank all our customers who have contributed to this success!

Spam emails

Lately, we have unfortunately seen an increase in the number of spam emails and viruses. As a matter of principle, we never remove our customers\' emails, even if they are classified as spam. Instead, they are automatically moved to the junk mail folder (spam folder).

Some tips to avoid viruses:

  • do not open attachments (Never open: .doc, .docx, .exe or .zip)
  • use a secure, up-to-date browser (Chrome, Chromium, Firefox, Pale Moon, ...)
  • if possible, use an alternative to Windows (Linux or Mac tend to be more secure)

Which updates can you expect in the next months?

  • Layout updates
  • Server network expansion
  • Chat function update
  • Integration of new payment providers
  • New apps

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