Update: Multishop functionality in EasyWebshop

onsdag 1. februari 2017, 12:30

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Entrepreneurs are often engaged in a variety of projects. In order to organize the administration of several webshops neatly, EasyWebshop has added Multishop functionality.

The principle is simple: there is a page where you can manage all your shops. You can find this at Dashboard > My shops.

Multishop example

You start five online shops and after one year you make an evaluation. Three shops have become successful, the other two are not doing so well. You replace them with two new shops.

EasyWebshop offers flexibility to quickly start and stop online shops, without binding contracts and without high costs. This allows you to experiment and try out new ideas without risks.


My shops

Multishop replaces Tell-A-Friend

Multishop is going to replace the Tell-A-Friend program. Right now you can still use both.

On February 28, 2017, Tell-A-Friend will be discontinued. If you wish to benefit from the discounts, you still have a few weeks to do so.

Webshop security and privacy

We see that more and more merchants have to deal with spam, viruses, data theft and online fraud. An unfortunate trend!

We do everything we can to make your online shop as secure as possible: recently we improved the spam protection, and we added SSL certificates and Two-factor authentication. However, we get the best results when we work together with our customers and when they are well informed. In order to better protect you against cyber attacks, we have made a documentation page with tips for online merchants.


Security and privacy tips

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