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Instant notifications on smartphone

Instant Notifications Instant notifications are sent automatically after every order and contact inquiry in your shop. We use a free messenger app that you can install on your PC, tablet and / or smartphone. This way you will not miss orders from your customers.

Instant notifications

The instant messages are sent using Tox messenger. This is a less user friendly messenger compared to Telegram or WhatsApp, but it has some important advantages.

WhatsApp is much more popular than Tox, but does not have the above advantages. This is why we chose Tox.

Tox is a protocol (= a list of agreements on how computers communicate) and clients (= applications) that are compatible can communicate with each other. This has the advantage that you as a user are not obliged to use a specific app; you can choose between multiple clients.

Download Tox Tox Wikipedia page

To receive messages from your webshop, download and install a Tox client of your choice. In this Tox client you can find your Tox ID. After logging into your EasyWebshop account, you can enter your Tox ID at Settings > More options > Instant notifications.

If Instant Notifications is not shown in the menu, change the user experience level to Advanced at Settings > More Options > User experience level.

After your Tox ID is linked, you will automatically receive notifications. With the Edit button you can select which type of notifications you want to receive.