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M201 X-Mini

€ 30,00


Let’s start at the top: the freediving mask. When freediving, it’s preferable to have a low volume freediving mask.  

The low-volume freediving mask is completely different than the traditional SCUBA diving mask or snorkeling mask, as it is designed to have a low internal volume.  

This low volume requires less air equalize the mask (especially at depth), which means you have more air left in your lungs for your body to use

leaving you with the ability to dive deeper or stay down longer.

Real Underwater Hunters Wear Black!

Reflections Distracting the Hunters Focus on the Prey

Super Low Volume Design

Dual Tempered Glass Lenses

Wide Field of Vision

Skirt Mounted Buckles: Hydrodynamic Low Drag Design

Extremely Lightweight Mask

Wide Split Style Silicone Rubber Mask Strap

Easy-to-Reach One-Hand Nose Pocket for Ear Equalization