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Terms of use

Every client needs to know and accept the terms and conditions of sale when he or she places a delivery.

The salesman of Work-It-Easy has to deliver the articles to the client after the commitment. The buyer, in turn, needs to pay all the delivered goods. The deal will be closed by the salesman by filling in a signed order form.

We will do everything we can to deliver the ordered merchandise as fast as possible. Circumstances like a strike, a fire, a flood and others are seen as force majeure if they are the cause of the delayed or impossible delivery. We are not obliged to prove the unforseen character of the contract and superior numbers of the situation and the unfeasibility accompanied with it. If the circumstances cloud jostle the carrying out of the order, we keep the right to end the sale, without any commitment at our side.

All articles are possessed by the company until the moment that the full amount of the purchase is paid. All our bills are due 10 days after the date of billing to Work-It-Easy. We keep the right to invoice all goods once delivered, even if that happened partially only. All costs (bank and transfer) are the buyers expense. He or she needs to keep that in account at the time of his payments. Payments need to happen in EUR.

Retract of merchandise
Our articles are not taken back. Exceptions to this rule are articles which show a clear manufacturing fault and this only by preceding agreements.

A normal guarantee is applied to each manufacturing fault.

Every complaint needs to be sent by registered mail, within eight days after receipt of the articles. If not, the buyer is excepted to accept the delivery. Our responsibility is in each case limited to the defect parts, on condition that our responsibility can be shown.

If the bill is not paid on the due date, we are authorized to lawfully put all the deliveries on hold if necessary break all agreements with the client that does not pay or pays to late. We will keep possession of the potential advance and we have no other formalities then to notify the client about this arrangement by registered mail.

Only with empathic agreement and after the application for delay is submitted timely and assigned by us, the non-payment of the bill on the due date will lead to following measures:
- immediate collection of all amounts due; 
- payment of a compensation of 15% of the remained indebted sums; 
- payment of an interest of 1% per month of the money due without requirement of a notice to pay.

Only the court of Hasselt (BELGIUM) is authorized in case of dispute.