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Administrator accounts

Administrator accounts With administrator accounts, several people can log in and manage your shop, orders and products.

Navigate to Settings > Modules > Administrator accounts.

If Modules is not displayed in the menu, first adjust the user level to Advanced, at Settings > User experience level.

Adding an administrator account

At the bottom of the page, you can add a new administrator account.

Name and Email address
The email address must be confirmed, so make sure it's correct.
User rights
The user can not log in.
API user
The user can only log in into the EasyWebshop API, but can not log in into the administrator interface of the shop.
Cash register (POS)
This user can only use the cash register.
An employee can manage categories, products, orders and customers. He can also customize text and set promotions. The employee can not change the layout, nor set shipping or payment methods, and can not see visitor analysis.
A webmaster can change the settings and layout of the shop, but can not view your orders, customers and visitor analysis.
Main account
This user has the same rights as the main account. Except deleting the shop, this can only be done with the main account.
User experience level
The user experience level where the user starts with. This can be changed by the user.
Email from EasyWebshop
The user receives email about updates, support tickets and reminders to renew the shop version.
Email from orders
The user will receive an email when an order is placed in your shop.
Email from contact and guestbook
The user receives customer inquiries and new guestbook messages.

The main account will always receive these emails. It usually does not make sense to send the automated emails to denied users, API users or webmasters.

Edit or delete administrator accounts

Delete Edit Use the Edit and Delete buttons to edit or delete an administrator account.

If you change the email address of an administrator account, the email address must be confirmed again.

Changing the password can only be done by the administrator himself, at Account settings.

Possible problems

The administrator account can not log in
These are the three main causes for this problem:

- The email address is not confirmed
- The module is not activated
- The administrator account is denied
The confirmation email does not arrive
These are the three main causes for this problem:

- The email address is incorrectly entered
- The email ends up in the spam folder or is automatically deleted by an incorrectly configured spam filter
- The mailbox is full