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Contacting the helpdesk

Getting an answer fast

Contact At the Support page, you can type in your question and our support system will automatically search for an answer. Also check out the Frequently Asked Questions and the Documentation. These give you the fastest answer.

Standard support

Contact Didn't find your answer? Feel free contact us. If you have an account, log in first. You can then contact us via the contact form.

Preferably use this method: your ticket will be answered very quickly.

Urgent questions (High priority)

Contact If it's an urgent question, send a priority support ticket. Your inquiry will receive priority over other pending tickets.

For priority support we charge a small amount. This is why:

Previously our customers could choose between low, medium and high priority. "Urgent" seems to have a very wide definition. Unfortunately there were customers who only sent high priority tickets, also for questions that can be found in the documentation. Because of this the real urgent tickets were sometimes queued.

It's not our intention to earn a lot with premium support tickets (the amount is too low for this). The aim is to deliver a quick response to urgent problems where the amount acts as a filter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't I just send an e-mail? What's your email address?
Unfortunately not. The main reason for this is that the volume of inquiries is too large to be able to be treated efficiently by e-mail. Support tickets make it a lot easier to link inquiries to a shop and to previous inquiries.
Can I contact you by phone?
Refer to the answer in our FAQ.
I want to attach a screenshot, photo, logo or a file
You can attach files when you are logged in.

Tips for contacting us

Use the internal support system
The number of contact channels is limited. This way an inquiry can be handled much faster and more efficiently.

Please do not reply to automatic e-mails, the e-mail addresses do not work. Do not use forums or social media: inquiries via these channels are not monitored by us.
Describe the problem specifically
Our software has a lot of features. An inquiry is usually about a specific part. Very often we have to send a response "Which product do you mean?" or "Which page can you not change?". Provide enough information so we don't have to figure out what the problem is. This way we can provide a solution immediately.
Ask one question per ticket
Otherwise your ticket with multiple questions can be placed in a queue because one of the questions can not be answered immediately.

Thank you for taking these advices into account. This way we can keep our support system fast, efficient and free.