Happy holidays from EasyWebshop!

월요일, 24 12월 2018, 11:20

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From EasyWebshop, we wish you happy and warm holidays. It's time for a break, time for family, time to open presents and enjoy quality time!


2018 was a year of progress

EasyWebshop launched a lot of updates in 2018: new product management, GDPR implementation, new customer management and an update for customer reviews.

We also launched a completely new Point Of Sale which allows you to input orders for your customers who order physically or by phone.


What will 2019 bring?

Like our competitors, we will raise our prices next year as your special new years gift!

Okay, bad joke. In 2019 we will continue on the same path: improving our platform, bringing you new updates for your webshop and maintaining our attractive pricing.

We have a few surprises planned for the year to come. We can't tell you a lot about it, but we promise it will be good. Keep in touch with us!

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