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Backups and exporting data

Backup module EasyWebshop has an internal backup system. This way, all data from all shops is automatically backed up. Additionally, you can also create a backup and save it on your hard disk. This way, you always have your data stored locally.

This module can be found at Settings > Modules > Backup / Export.

If Backup / Export is not displayed in the menu, first adjust the user level to Advanced, at Settings > User experience level.

Using this module is very easy:

A backup gives you an extra safety net that you will never lose your data. You can also use the data to import products in a new shop.

Product photos and files that you upload to EasyWebshop are not in this backup. This is because the data transfer would be too large for shops with thousands of products. It is recommended to keep this information at your local storage after you have uploaded them to EasyWebshop.

The backup is incomplete

Check that the date range is set correctly: data that falls outside the date range will not be included in the backup file. If necessary, create multiple backups for data over several years.