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Order management

Orders When a customer places an order in your shop, the following occurs:

Navigate to Management > Orders to get a summary of all orders. The latest orders are shown on top. If there are no orders, you can create a test order in your own shop. This will give you an idea of ​​how customers have to order and you can optimize the ordering process.

Each order has a unique code. The format of this code is chosen so that it can identify each order in each shop. This way, fraud can be detected and managed adequately.

A customer places an order. What now?

Click on the order in the list. You will then see the details of the order. You can also change the order status.

You can give the order a new status, for example Order shipped.
The customer can only pay if the order has the status "Order received" or "Waiting for payment". In the other statuses, the customer receives a message that his payment is OK. Do not change the status to "Processing order" if you still expect a payment.
This field can be used for an internal reference, or for entering a tracking code.
Send an email to the customer with this status update
With this option you can notify the customer of the order status change.

Order status change

If the customer has an account, the customer can check the status of the order after logging into your shop. In the following sections you will learn how you can send an invoice automatically to your customer.

Download packing slip

PDF Logo The packing slip for the order can be downloaded in PDF format.

A good and simple program to open PDF files on Windows is Sumatra PDF. In Linux, you can use ePDFView.

Delete an order

Delete order On the bottom of the detail page of an order you can find the Delete button. Test orders can always be immediately removed from the system.

Checkout procedure

Shopping Cart Whether a customer is or is not required to create an account, you can set at Settings > Customers checkout. Customers without an account obviously can not check the status of their order on your shop.