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ContactYou have your own webshop with domain name, for example You want your customers to be able to reach you at This looks just a bit more professional on a business card than a free email address.

EasyWebshop offers a complete package with a webshop or website, domain name, security certificate and mailbox. Everything is included in the price, so there will be no surprises.

The advantages at a glance:

Email settings

Navigate to Settings > More Options > Email Settings. If E-mail settings is not in the menu, first adjust the user level to Advanced, at Settings > User Level. To use the email service, you need to have:

Creating e-mail addresses

Click Add to create a new email address.

E-mail address
Choose an email address that is not too long. Avoid "info@" addresses, these are tried first by spammers.
Mailbox: for receiving and sending email.
Email forwarding address: for forwarding (redirecting) incoming email to another email address. Sending email with an email forwarding address is not possible.
Mailbox size
For mailboxes only: choose the number of GB mailbox space. In the Basic and Professional versions, you have 1 GB mailbox space and one mailbox. In the Business version you have 10 GB mailbox space. You can create 1 email address with 10 GB mailbox space, 5 email addresses with 2 GB mailbox space or 10 email addresses with 1 GB mailbox space.
For mailboxes only: choose a secure password, minimum 10 characters, including numbers, capital letters and special characters. If necessary, use a passphrase with spaces. Due to the many malware on Windows systems that fish out passwords as they are typed, we recommend not entering the password on a Windows system.
Destination 1 - 5
For email forwarding addresses only: specify up to 5 destinations to which the email should be forwarded. If a mailbox already exists for the email forwarding address, the email address of this mailbox will automatically be included as the destination. It is not possible to create a "catch-all" email address: this is to avoid spam.

Managing email addresses

After creating email addresses, you will get an overview of your mailboxes and email forwarding addresses.

The easiest method to send and receive email in your web browser. The webmail works on PC, tablet and smartphone. Use your full (and correct!) e-mail address and password to log in. You can change the language of the webmail at Settings > Preferences > User Interface > Language.
Email application
This will show you the technical details to set up your mailbox on your PC, tablet or smartphone. We do not recommend using Microsoft Outlook for privacy reasons. Thunderbird is a good, free and open-source alternative.
For editing mailbox space, the mailbox password or forwarding destinations. If you want to change the email address or type, delete it first and then create a new email address.
For deleting a mailbox or email forwarding address. You will get a confirmation, after confirming the action cannot be undone.

Avoid unwanted e-mail (spam)

Unwanted incoming email (spam/junk mail) automatically ends up in the Junk folder. Deleted emails end up in the Trash folder. Emails in the Junk and Trash folders are automatically deleted after 30 days.

Do not save important emails in the folders Junk or Trash!

Outgoing email is also checked for spam and abuse.

You are not allowed to send spam or newsletters using a mailbox from EasyWebshop. Please use the newsletter function in the Business version or an external newsletter application to send newsletters.

This may seem like an excessive restriction at first, but it is necessary: sending unwanted email can cause our mail servers to be blacklisted by other mail servers. As a result, desired e-mails from other customers do not arrive at their destination. We sometimes see that customers with the Basic or Professional version send newsletters with their mailbox. This causes inconvenience for the recipients and for our customers.

Therefore, we have to be very strict when we find abuse of our services: the webshop, including mailboxes, will be stopped immediately, permanently, without prior warning and without refund.

Tips to avoid unwanted e-mail and viruses:

Tips for setting up email applications

Check well the following settings:

We provide screenshots with examples: click on the icon Email application. If it still doesn't work, please consult the help function of your e-mail application or contact your IT dealer. We can only provide support for EasyWebshop, not for external (email) applications.

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